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DUP Dominance of ABC Council Agenda Can Be Brought to an End

Published: 1 April, 2019

DUP Dominance of ABC Council Agenda Can Be Brought to an End

Sinn Féin spokesperson Noel McGeown has said the DUP's inability to govern in a fair and equitable manner has spread from Stormont to Westminster and has the potential to make the local Council ungovernable as well.

Mr McGeown said:

"With the DUP, as the largest party on Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Council this has seen a return to the bad old days of one party rule for one section of the community only.

"ABC Council, under DUP rule, has discriminated against the Nationalist and Republican community in the provision of resources and investment.

"There has been clear discrimination in the provision of sporting facilities for the GAA with only one pitch being provided in the greater Craigavon area.

"There has been no support or recognition of the Irish language or special measure to tackle socio-economic deprivation which is at its highest levels in nationalist and republican areas.

"Additionally the DUP have led the charge in discriminating against the LGBTQ+ community with their refusal to allow council to mark Pride day.

Concluding Mr McGeown said

"The DUP cannot be allowed to continue in this manner and their majority on the Council needs to be curtailed.

"Only by returning more Sinn Féin Councillors on the 2nd of may will equality be placed on the agenda of Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Council and discrimination brought to an end."