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Councillor Mackles delight that 'people's proposal' motion passed at council.

Published: 1 December, 2017

He said:

"At the council meeting on 28th November I had the pleasure of proposing that council adopt the 'people's proposal' and write to the Department for Communities.

"The proposal aims to secure protections for benefit claimants in advance of the introduction of Universal Credit into the ABC area in the new year.

"It proposes that those making decisions on benefits, particularly around sanctions, take account of the likely impact - particularly on any children in the claimants household.

"Universal Credit has been a disaster in England. Food banks, homelessness and desperate poverty have all too often been the result. We need to do things differently in the north. Placing human rights and due process at the heart of decision making won't make Universal Credit a good thing but it might improve decision making and help some.

"I was very disappointed and surprised that the UUP did not support the motion given that they have signed up to the 'people's proposal' at leadership level.