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John O'Dowd MLA in call for town hall debate.

Published: 17 May, 2017

John O'Dowd MLA in call for town hall debate.

John O'Dowd MLA has called on all Westminster candidates in Upper Bann to take part in a town hall style debate open to members of the public.

Speaking following a canvass of Aghacommon the Sinn Féin MLA said:

"This is no ordinary election. This election is about Brexit , rights and integrity. Brexit would be an unmitigated disaster for the people of this island.

"The Tories have no interest in the north of Ireland. Their priority is to protect a rich and privileged elite in the South of England. The Tory party has no mandate in the north of Ireland - no mandate for Brexit, no mandate for their austerity agenda and no mandate for the decimation of our public services.

"Their right wing agenda has left our education and health services at breaking point. By calling this election the Tory party has sacrificed the Assembly negotiations in favour of their own narrow party political agenda.

"Members of the public face their toughest choice yet in an election that will prove historic, shaping society for years to come. It is vital that the electorate choose the candidate that will have their best interests at heart.

"We must reject any candidate seeking election to Westminster to prop up a Tory Government intent on ignoring the remain vote of the people of the North whilst advancing a devastating agenda of austerity.

"As candidates we must afford the public the opportunity to question us on the issues that matter most before they make a crucial choice at the ballot box.