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9 April, 2019

Ó Dufaigh calls for hedges to be cut in Loughview Crescent

It is ironic that in an estate called "Loughview" you cannot see the Lough due to hedges. "I'm aware that they have been cut back in the past however residents have made continuous requests for them to be cut back further. "I have reported and am calling on DfI to action these concerns." Read full article

9 April, 2019

Savage Welomes Banbridge Road Improvements

Sinn Fein Councillor Kevin Savage has welcomed the decision of the Department of Infrastructure to instigate a programme of repairs across the Banbridge district in the coming month. He stated: "From the 8th April until the 6th May contractors acting on behalf of the Department will be completing a programme of repairs on the rural road network." Read full article

7 April, 2019

Councillor Catherine Nelson has urged those, who avail of the Loughview Park and Ride to be vigilant.

In recent weeks there has been an increase in the theft of catalytic convertors and tools from vehicles in this area. "I have contacted the PSNI who have agreed to increase their patrols here. "I have also engaged with the PCSP and am awaiting a response from Translink. "In the meantime please ensure no valuables are left in your car. Read full article

4 April, 2019

Michelle O'Neill Endorses Sinn Féin Council Candidates Nominations

Sinn Féin Vice-President Michelle O'Neill was in Craigavon Civic Centre this week as Sinn Féin nominated 15 candidates to fight for seats across the Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Council area. Ms O'Neill endorsed the party's candidates encouraging voters to return an increased Sinn Féin mandate. Read full article

3 April, 2019

Sinn Féin Delegation Meet PSNI re: ASB in Craigavon Area

Michael Tallon said: "Residents have contacted us to express their frustration at large groups of young people gathering and engaging in anti-social behaviour close to their homes. "Last night we met the PSNI to map a way forward which will require a partnership approach with ourselves, PSNI, residents and community groups. Read full article

2 April, 2019

Duffy Criticises Brexit E.U Settlement Scheme

The British Government's E.U settlement scheme fully opened on the 30th of March. "It is a disgrace that we have reached the point were our friends and neighbours from EU countries who have lived among us for years have to register with the Government. "This is a product of the reckless Tory/DUP Brexit which has been foisted upon the people here despite the majority voting to remain. Read full article

1 April, 2019

DUP Dominance of ABC Council Agenda Can Be Brought to an End

With the DUP, as the largest party on Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Council this has seen a return to the bad old days of one party rule for one section of the community only. "ABC Council, under DUP rule, has discriminated against the Nationalist and Republican community in the provision of resources and investment. "There has been clear discrimination in the provision of sporting facilities for the GAA with only one pitch being provided in the greater Craigavon area. Read full article

1 April, 2019

Potential for Heathrow Logistics Hub Good News for Local Economy

Mrs Nelson said: "It's good news that Graham's bid to be one of four Heathrow Expansion Logistics Hubs has been shortlisted to progress to the next stage. "The development of the Silverwood this site is an important project in itself and can bring significant economic benefits to the area. "The Heathrow expansion logistics hub would be a great addition to the site and be a catalyst for employment and investment in the wider Craigavon area.. Read full article

1 April, 2019

Ó Dufaigh Calls For Moy Road & Dungannon Road Traffic Calming

Portadown Sinn Féin Spokesperson Callum Ó Dufaigh has called for traffic calming on the Moy and Dungannon Roads in Portadown Mr Ó Dufaigh said : 'These two roads are extremely busy and, as they leave the residential areas closer to Portadown, there is a need for traffic calming. 'There are school children and other pedestrians crossing these roads and their safety is compromised without traffic calming Read full article

28 March, 2019

Changes to Breast Cancer Assessment must improve services' - McGeown

Sinn Féin Representative Sorcha McGeown has said any changes to the Breast Cancer Assessment must improve services and be done in conjunction with service users. Read full article

25 March, 2019

Sorcha McGeown has called on Housing Executive to clear the derelict land beside the model school.

Sinn Féin Spokesperson, Sorcha McGeown has called on NIHE to clear the derelict land beside the model school. She said: "Residents are concerned that this has become a dumping ground and feel it's vital for safety that the Housing executive get this cleaned up as soon as possible." Read full article

25 March, 2019

Savage Condemns Attempted Robbery at Local Shop

This incident has to be condemned. It was no doubt a very frightening experience for the staff working on Sunday evening. "I would encourage anyone who has any information about this to contact the police who have appealed for dashcam footage from around this time. I would echo this" Read full article

25 March, 2019

Annaclone Bus Shelter Needs Replaced

The current bus shelter is a patchwork quilt of rust and wooden repairs which is an eyesore in the countryside that surrounds it. "There are sharp edges which are a danger to users of the shelter and leaks which makes the purpose of the shelter redundant. Read full article

19 March, 2019

Councillor Catherine Nelson Seeks Support for Young People in ABC area following Greenvale Tragedy

Councillor Nelson said: "I want to first of all send heart felt condolences to the families experiencing this devastating loss. Our thoughts are also with those young people who witnessed or were injured in this tragedy. "It has since been confirmed that at least one bus travelled from the ABC area to the Greenvale on Sunday. "As such we have made contact with relevant agencies to secure support for those within our council area who witnessed this most traumatic and tragic incident. Read full article

18 March, 2019

Sinn Féin To Bring Famine Motion To ABC Council

Sinn Féin will bring a motion to ABC council this month calling for a famine memorial in Lurgan town. Deputy Group Leader Liam Mackle said: "Lurgan as a centre of linen manufacture and heavily populated was particularly badly impacted by the Great Famine from 1845-1849. "Historians have highlighted the high death toll in the Lurgan Workhouse were, at the beginning of 1846, as many as 95 people were dieing each week. Read full article