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Na Fianna Éireann - Ógra Shinn Féin 100th Ann. Badges - £2

A limited edition badge has been produced for the 100th Anniversary of the foundation of Na Fianna Éireann. The badge represents the continuity of Irish Republican Youth throughout the past 100 years, with the Na Fianna emblem emblazoned across the centre, and Na Fianna Éireann and Ógra Shinn Féin wrote on the badge. View full details

Sheena Campbell 'A Tribute' - £5

Sinn Féin activist Sheena Campbell was a shinning light of republicanism in Upper Bann and beyond. From a young age see showed unprecedented political leadership and ability. She was assainated by pro-British gunmen in October 1992... View full details

Henry Heaney 30th Anniversary Booklet - £5

Vol. Henry Heaney was one of the most respected republicans of his generation. Known far beyond his native shores of Lough Neagh, few have recieved such respect and love from their fellow comrades... View full details

'Shoot to Kill' 25th Anniversary Booklet - £5

This booklet was produced by the Shoot to Kill Commemoration Committee in 2007 to mark the 25th Anniversary of the British Government's Shoot to Kill Policy in North Armagh. The booklet is a collection of memories and tributes from family, friends and comrades... View full details

Bánú an Lae DVD - £8

Bánú an Lae tells the story of the tragic events of 1982 when IRA Volunteers Sean Burns, Gervase McKerr and Eugene Toman were ambushed by the RUC in Lurgan, as part of what was to become known as Briatin's 'Shoot to Kill' Policy... View full details