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Deputy Mayor Paul Duffy Calls for Bi-Ligual Signage

Concluding Cllr Duffy said: " The Council must now fulfill its duties and facilitate bi lingual signage as citizens will not be ignored for any longer and legal solutions against the Council will be sought Read more

Drug Gangs Violence Puts the Innocent in Danger

These spate of attacks on cars and homes are part of ongoing escalating dispute between drug gangs. The perpetrators don't care who is caught up in the campaign of violence as innocent children and neighbors are impacted by the attacks. Read more

Ratepayers Flush £17,500 Down the Drain for the Orange Order to Spend a Penny

It is unacceptable that over £17,500 of ratepayers money has been spent with no checks or accountability. "The orange order, royal black institution and marching bands ran up a bill of over £17,500 "Any expenditure of ratepayers money should be open for scrutinisation from those elected onto the council Read more

Sinn Féin To Bring Motion Opposing the Dumping of Radio Active Waste

Sinn Féin are to bring a motion opposing the dumping of radio active waste in the ABC area following recent surveys into potential sites for the disposal of nuclear waste. Speaking in advance of the motion Sinn Féin Councillor Kevin Savage said: "We are gravely concerned that surveys have recently been carried out in parts of our Borough by a British Government owned company (Radio Active Waste Management) into potential sites for the disposal of Nuclear waste. He continued: Read more

Duffys Deep Disappointment that Garvaghy Park Kitchen Scheme Delayed

"Residents of Garvaghy Park, along with myself, are deeply disappointed that the kitchen scheme promised for early 2019 will now be delayed. "Heating schemes were previously carried out across Garvaghy Park and a replacement roof scheme along with rewiring is currently taking place. Whilst welcome this results in significant upheaval. Read more